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It's great that Natural Mineral Water benefits are finally being brought to the attention of the public. Many people think that distilled water is the safest kind to drink because it's nothing but pure H2O, but here are some Natural Mineral Water benefits that prove this way of thinking wrong.

Just because of the simple fact that there is no place on Earth you can find Natural demineralized water, should be enough to tell you that we should not have it. Humans have survived since the beginning of time on Natural Mineral Water with Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium and our bodies are built to run on it.

It's actually been shown over the years that long-term consumption of distilled or demineralized water can dangerous. Drinking this kind of water can lead to an increased chance of having mineral deficiencies. This is because it's pH level makes it an acidic substance, meaning your body has to pull minerals from your teeth and bones and stabilize it inside your body. On top of this, when bodily fluids become more acidic than alkaline, it increases the production of free radicals which in turn increases your risk of cancer!

The fact that cancer cells can only grow in an acidic environment should be another big reason to drink lots Natural Mineral Water. Some of the other known Natural Mineral Water benefits are :
  • It's easier to absorb minerals from a liquid than from food
  • Helps to fight fungus and bacteria
  • Speeds up the detoxification process in the body, helping to eliminate harmful toxins faster
  • Prevents mineral deficiencies and makes your immune system more efficient
  • Keeps your bodily fluid's balanced or more alkaline, helping to prevent cancer
  • Helps your body overcome and eliminate most minor illnesses

The Benefits of Natural Mineral Water
Most people don't feel comfortable drinking tap water anymore. After years of hearing about contaminated or polluted water sources, alternative sources of water including bottled water and otherwise filtered water have become popular. Some bottled waters are promoted as natural mineral water, setting them apart from the masses and often locating them in a different part of the supermarket, away from the rows and rows of 1litres bottled waters. This is because Natural Mineral Water, which contains dissolved minerals that occur naturally in groundwater, provides different benefits than standard bottled water.

Natural Mineral Water contains Calcium, which is a mineral known to help build and maintain strong bones and teeth. The calcium in Natural Mineral Water can be especially helpful for people unable to consume dairy because they are lactose intolerant. A study in PubMed found that Calcium absorption from drinking High Calcium Natural Mineral Water is at least comparable to that from consuming dairy products.

Restoring Electrolytes
The benefits of Natural Mineral Water--which can include Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, Bicarbonates, Sulphate, Chloride and Nitrate help restore the body's electrolytes, which are depleted during exercise or when you are ill. The electrolytes gained from Natural Mineral Water help balance and replenish the body while the Natural Mineral Water naturally detoxifies the body by helping eliminate free radicals and toxins through waste.

Magnesium is an important mineral found in Natural Mineral Water that helps to strengthen the immune system, relax the body's muscles, and potentially help lower blood pressure.

Chloride and Bicarbonates
Chloride and Bicarbonates, both found in Natural Mineral Water, are known to assist in digestion and balancing acid within the stomach and intestines.

Therapeutic Properties
Natural Mineral Water is believed by many to possess therapeutic properties, especially when consumed on a near daily basis. Depending on the person,Natural Mineral Water can help reduce chronic pain and aches as well as swelling caused by inflamed muscles or joints.

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